Tuesday, May 29, 2012

CLUB EVENT #1 - MAY 27, 2012


CLUB EVENT # 1 - May 27, 2012

Location: QPlex, Quispamsis, NB
Organizer: Stacy C
PosCar #NameCarRun #1Run #2Run #3Run #4Best
112Stacy CPorsche48.30644.62147.84044.86544.621
247Nick MFormula SAE47.22448.75747.40844.80444.804
318Wade G86 CRX52.46348.63146.93046.90046.900
4147Jeff HFormula SAE49.87948.81150.60547.06647.066
574Etienne RFormula SAE51.29850.48655.01149.18749.187
68Sam C86 CRX52.38152.42251.57350.49550.495
781Troy C86 CRXOCOC65.46155.63855.638
110Brent R06 Lancer Evo IX47.22745.72445.46044.51844.518
25Ming-Duc W93 Lancer Evo46.85445.88045.57347.89445.573
315Dwight S10 Audi R847.11447.57447.64548.14847.114
423Mike S95 Talon50.07148.55648.53748.78248.537
59Nathan M07 Mazda 6OC52.68151.01750.68250.682
RWD - Street Prepared
114Darren G87 RX748.96848.43447.89048.78247.890
227Anthony J95 240SX55.29253.89052.67853.94352.678
319Kevin FMustang53.523OCOCOC53.523
428Jennifer E95 240SXOCOC56.12754.67354.673
RWD - Stock
14Cecil S04 S200049.09548.08747.97848.06947.978
20Andrew M05 CorvetteOC51.73557.20348.51548.515
33Wayne F99 Porsche51.20650.47050.98453.79750.470
424Kent S05 Magnum52.03452.90251.65051.02951.029
520Chris N10 MustangOCOC51.61651.21351.213
616John S86 Porsche 94453.660OC53.10552.83652.836
77Richard W85 Fiero57.21354.88954.98553.82553.825
8M3Tessa CBMW59.22658.92560.28960.20558.925
FWD - Street Prepared
118John M04 Focus52.93848.13547.53749.65347.537
222Matthew T09 Lancer48.59648.84148.70049.27448.596
348Shawn G04 Mazda 350.66849.27149.01948.85848.858
412Will T09 Lancer53.54749.79949.08953.10849.089
526Patrick M04 Focus60.77650.789OC49.62049.620
68Nick C96 Civic50.87657.38050.32852.02650.328
792John T09 LancerOC51.07850.590OC50.590
86Kyle A97 Civic50.75151.11853.65953.60950.751
925Ryan L93 Integra52.58251.629OC50.88450.884
FWD - Stock
134Adam R76 Mini52.94052.14749.49149.24149.241
231Will N08 Mazda 350.37354.06451.05849.58249.582
313Matt E95 Volvo V70 T567.32251.37152.01549.73349.733
441Steve M07 Mini52.70852.99552.25249.86949.869
530Alan C10 VW EOSOC50.52153.22650.98450.521
617Jared M05 Mazda 354.29952.26451.47851.04251.042
712Patrick R09 FocusOC52.05453.76451.83251.832
85Tony R00 Jetta59.34755.07855.61753.76853.768
9347Megan R76 Mini59.03056.06558.25254.00554.005
1072Sarah T07 Rabbit71.47666.92965.11462.64762.647

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

NBSCC AutoSlalom School and First Event

NBSCC will be hosting a basic AutoSlalom school in the morning of May 27th. This will give new drivers a bit of knowledge on how AutoSlalom works. The school will be followed by an afternoon timed event that can be entered by anyone. A later afternoon start for the event will allow "out of towners" a chance to get to the site (Qplex In Quispamsis)

Topics covered by the school will be :
    - The basic rules of AutoSlalom
    - What AutoSlalom is all about
    - What to look for while doing your course walk.
    - Ride along with instructor

Organizer: Stacy Chapman

    8:00-8:30: Volunteers are asked to arrive.
    9:00: Students asked to arrive
    10:00: Drivers meeting
    10:30: Begin School
    13:00: Break
    14:00: Event Begins
    Registration and Scrutineering Open All Day

We will be having experienced and new drivers in each run group. This will help the new workers better understand the event. There will be a separate drivers meeting and course walk for the event. Please note: Course working is mandatory for anyone participating in the event.