What is AutoSlalom?

AutoSlalom is a great sport for any car enthusiast. Events consist of individual timed runs through a course laid out (using traffic cones) on a concrete or asphalt surface. The object is to drive through the course as fast as possible without missing any gates or hitting any cones. Each event's course is different and generally takes about one minute to negotiate. Time penalties are charged for disturbing cones. Typically the penalty is 2 seconds per cone. Each driver takes four runs at an event. Runs consist of one of more laps of the course. A driver is awarded the best time of all runs taken.

While AutoSlalom events typically involve lower speeds than other motorsports (80 - 100 kph) the number of driver inputs per second is comparable to Formula One.

Much like drag racing, Solo II has a low cost of entry. Most sanctioning bodies only require a car in good mechanical shape, and an approved helmet. Many competitors compete with their 'daily driver' or street cars. You don't have to be a professional racecar driver to participate! Cars are classed according to vehicle type as well as modifications (if any have been performed). This ensures that you are competing against cars equal to yours, making this a true test of driver skill.

Solo II teaches the ultimate in car control, increases hand/eye coordination and provides intense competition, all within the confines of a very safe environment. It's a great opportunity to hone your car-handling skills.

So come on out and give it a try. One run and you will be hooked!!

Following is a video of a typical AutoSlalom run: