Sunday, August 31, 2014

NBSCC Club Event #4

Attention in the Paddock! Attention in the Paddock!

We will be hosting an Autoslalom event Monday, Sept 1st at the KenVal Superstore parking lot. This event is sanctioned by the Atlantic Region Motor Sport Inc, ASN Canada, and FIA. The event is also insured by James Brown insurance.

This one car at a time event is open to anybody with a valid drivers license, a car with tight suspension components, having good brakes, meet a 96db sound level, and having a battery that is tied down good. Note that competitors must wear a Snell 2000 or better rated helmet, but a very limited supply of loaner helmets will be available.

Monday Sept 1st Schedule:
11:00am Registration
11:30am drivers meeting and course walk
Noon: Car "0" on course

This event will be run much like our previous Long Wharf event, but focused more on the fun factor than determining class winners ( our Qplex event last year was). We will be having experienced and new drivers in each run group and course working is mandatory for all those who participate. All persons inside roped area must sign waiver, Paddock is to be left cleaner than when found. A speed limit of 20km/hr will be enforced at pre-grid and course exit.

In attendance will be the recent Canadian National Class winning Porsche, RX-8, and CRX cars from all over the Maritimes.