Monday, May 25, 2015

May 30th Autoslalom School and club event cancelled - May 31st Regional event still a go!!!!

I never thought I'd have to say this so late May, but unfortunately this weekends autoslalom school and club autoslalom scheduled for Saturday, May 30th is cancelled due to snow. With the extreme amount of snow that Southern NB received this year, there still exists a rather large ice/snow mountain in the middle of the Long Wharf lot. The City of Saint John worked diligently to try and spread it around so it would melt faster, but it was not to be.

However, there is some good news. The regional autoslalom event schedule for Sunday, May 31st is still a go. Except it will be held at Harbour Station in Saint John. Which is conveniently located right next door to Long Wharf.

There will be 2 different t-shirts for sale (the design of which are quite awesome) and there will even be a car given away!! So see you all there.

Long Wharf Ice Mountain