Tuesday, May 23, 2023

2023 Autoslalom Schedule

Good news - the 2023 Autoslalom Season is Upon Us!


NBSCC has secured the Loch Lomond Place parking lot for auto slaloms this year. This large parking lot is at the corner of Loch Lomond Rd and MacDonald St in Saint John, NB. We will be holding 5 events this year, including a 2 day regional event with competitors from across the Maritimes on June 3rd and 4th.

2023 Schedule: 


  •   - June 3rd & 4th 2023 - Double Regional Event
  •   - July 9th 2023 - NBSCC Club Event
  •   - August 13th 2023 - NBSCC Club Event
  •   - September 4th 2023 - NBSCC Club Event
  •   - September 30th 2023 - NBSCC Club Event 

Entry Requirements:



  •   - Must have a valid Provincial driver’s license, valid car club membership card
  •   - Memberships (good for the entire 2023 season) are $20 and can be applied for at this link



  •   - Must conform to the vehicle eligibility requirements of the current SDG/ARMS SoloSport regulations.
  •   - All vehicles (and driver’s personal safety equipment) must be submitted to the Scrutineer and must successfully pass any and all inspections before registration is complete.
  •   - It is the entrant’s responsibility to properly classify the vehicle and declare all modifications
  •   - Electric cars will not be allowed to participate in the event, nor will they be allowed to park inside controlled area due to the insurance provider’s requirement.
  •   - Plug-in Hybrids, Hybrids, and any other vehicle that has a lithium battery will be considered on a case by case basis depending on potential for damage and cleanup costs of the insured event property in the unlikely event of a fire.


 Insurance Waiver Form: 

  •   - All drivers, workers, crew, photographers with spotters, or any other individuals coming inside the competition area (which is the competition area, timing and scoring, and pre-grid) must sign an insurance waiver to enter. 
  •   - All crew, family members, friends, and spectators that come inside the competition area must at a minimum sign the provided Organizer’s Insurance Waiver Form in order to enter the event site.